Oat-derived products (Avena Sativa) are also well known for their anti-pruritic skin protections, emollient and conditioning properties, as well as being substantive to hair and skin. They have been repeatedly recommended by physicians and dermatologists for the treatment of various skin conditions. Natural oat products vary in protein content as well as in particle size distribution and also serve in a variety of applications. The oat protein content range is from 11% to 20% depending on the specific grade, while particle size distribution varies from the ultrafine to coarse. Generally speaking, however, all grades contribute the following qualities illustrated by clinical studies when incorporated into finished products. Our oat products are of the highest quality standard and certified organic, delivering superior color, along with smooth particle size for excellent benefits. They can be used across a wide range of applications and categories.

Dermatological attributes of our oats
•    High Avenanthramides A, B, C
•    Increased Filagren Protection
•    Ameliorates Atopic Dermatitis
•    Lichen Planus
•    Source of Whole, Natural Vegetable Proteins
•    Superior Dispersibility
•    Thorough Colloidal Effect
•    Soothing Effect on Sensitive Skin
•    Anti-Inflammatory
•    Lipids Impart Enhanced
•    Lubricating & Emollient Properties
•    Anti-Oxidant Properties
•    Anti-Aging
•    Specific for Pityniosis Rosea
•    Anti-Pruritic Skin Protectant
•    Smooth After-Feel
•    Enhanced Emulsion Stability
•    Increased Apparent Viscosity
•    UV Protection

Our products “made in USA” in details:

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Also, we can easily provide formulas for anti-perspiring products, bath and cleansing products, creams, lotions and moisturizers, hair conditioner products and shampoos as well as make-up, sun care and shave products.

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