Skin tending towards atopic condition has a determinant sensory component. Atopic skin (AS) manifests as eczematous skin eruptions with pruritus. Although the AS etiology is not fully elucidated, one of the key histological findings is the excessive density and activity of cutaneous sensory nerve fibers in the epidermis. The peripheral neurosensorial system is the main responsible of itching and burning sensation. Skin somatosensorial activation mediates neurogenic inflammation, and clinically manifested as redness, heat, and edema. Indeed, released neuropeptides act on microvascular and mast cells, promote degranulation, vasodilation, and plasma extravasation. Intercellular communication among peripheral sensory neurons, immune system, and skin cells leads to skin sensitization (i.e. sensitive skin).

The capsaicin receptor (TRPV1) is a molecular target expressed in skin sensory neurons. Its activation initiates sensory signaling and induces neurogenic inflammation. TRPV1 is deeply involved in skin homeostasis, as it is also widely expressed in keratinocytes, mast cells, dendritic cells and endothelial cells. In an altered skin environment, neurotrophic and inflammatory mediators directly activate and sensitize TRPV1 through a positive feedback loop enhancing the inflammatory process and sensitivity. As result, development of novel capsaicin analogues is a promising and highly pursued approach in the management of skin conditions related to pruritus and inflammation, such as AS or reactive skin. Calmapsin® is a very efficient TRPV1 receptor antagonist and thus inhibits the activity of the receptor.

Calmapsin® is the first neurocosmetic exhibiting a 360º effect over sensory neurons and skin cells:

  • Calmapsin® reinforces skin barrier function.
  • Its antioxidant capacity minimizes oxidative stress avoiding the accumulation of reactive oxygen species that can induce inflammation.
  • Calmapsin® reduces sensory neuron reactivity inducing a calming effect in the skin.

Calmapsin® allows simplicity in the formula composition due to the reduction in ingredients and complements used in final product formulations for sensitive and atopic tendency skin.

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